Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Days

Spring is finally here and it is glorious.  Ball games and green grass and pollen...that last one isn't so glorious ;-)

We have the Jog for Josiah today. Already over $7,000 has been donated for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy thanks to our wonderful friends, family, colleagues, etc. Everyone has been so generous! The weather is perfect, and we look forward to today's event!

We have been working on adjusting to the night orthotics. One foot seems to bother him more than the other one, but we have a plan to try and locate the issue and correct it as best we can. :) 

Josiah has started Aqua therapy once a week, and he really enjoys it.  He doesn't love the stretching, but he loves being in the water. His therapist is so sweet and works with him amazingly well. 

Part of my reason for blogging, and blogging with a fair amount of detail, is to remember - so that I don't forget all the "little" things along the way. Already some of the timeline from last fall isn't as clear in my memory, but I know I have it written down, and God is faithful. He continues to meet us at each step along the way. 

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