Saturday, November 8, 2008

Too Much Time

So Chandler has too much "free" time on her hands. She does a pretty good job keeping herself entertained, but every once in a while I come across something like this...

I was wiping off the table and noticed this recent carving addition to our tables appearance. I called Chandler over and asked her, "What is this?" "I carved my name," she replied. Very calm, very matter of fact, like it was an every day occurrence. It actually is not very deep; she did it with a pen, and I am planning to replace this table very soon. But it does make me think that maybe, just maybe I shouldn't have anything new around for the next 5 years or so! With these two boys there is no telling what might be coming. I really want to replace the table, and I won't wait 5 more years to do that. I'll just have to be on heightened alert!

A Chicken, A Bee, and a Lion

Ok, I am back. Sorry it has taken a while... I just haven't felt that creative "thing" going on! Well, we didn't do much Trick or Treating, but we did walk down to Alec and Donna's for some treats and play time. As you can see, Garrison was hysterical in his chicken outfit. Josiah is a bee; unfortunately the underneath part of his outfit with the black pants/sleeves and the hood with the antenna would not zip and he got tired of waiting for mom to fix it. He LOVES bees, so this was perfect for him. Chandler wore her lion outfit, which she wears around the house on a regular basis.

She was very concerned that Bennett and I were not keeping a close enough eye on Garrison as we walked down the street. Garrison is our fearless one. He will walk right off the couch, run headlong wherever he is going, climb, jump, fall, tumble, doesn't matter - Garrison just keeps on going! Josiah on the other hand is the cautious hold my hand, help me down type. They are quite a pair. I get asked about once a week if they are twins. Josiah is in the lower percentage for height and Garrison is at about the 95th percentile - so couple that with the closeness in age and people think they might be twins. At a certain level, I guess they might as well be!